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Dear All,

I am glad to introduce myself as N.V.Vinoth Kumar B.E (cse), MBA graduate has experience of 10+ years in paddy & Rice industry. In these 10 years of experience, I have established my business to a good position in the tough competitive market. Keeping in mind the future competition and fast growth in the market, I have decided to raise fund for establishing my business.

In today’s competitive world, we are supposed to run fast to achieve our goals, as an opportunity could be grabbed only at the right time. No need to wait for anything to happen on its way. It’s wise to be strong in what we do and ready to take the risk.

I have boldly decided to enter into paddy Storage System, A post harvesting method where we use hi-tech modern technology to process the paddy to withstand long period and store it safely in a cost-effective way. Please find attached a brief business plan along with this mail for a detailed explanation.

This paddy storage system project has been tried with minimum fund source and existing infrastructure and has got succeeded. The difficulty in working out in small units with existing infrastructure was not as much cost effective, as it has to undergo many manual process and huge space for storage.

Bulk processing with hi-tech machineries require huge investment initially and then a good working capital to maintain. A thorough analysis has been done with the last five years of paddy storage carried out by me, as well as analyzing the market data. Keeping in mind its growth and demand in the future, I have come out with a plan of Generating Rs.10, 00,00,000.00 (Ten Crores) to run this Business.

I have decided to generate the Fund through Crowd Funding method, for this, I have divided the Fund into one lakh small units where each unit cost Rs.1000.00.To handle the fund and make all the transaction transparent, I have initiated the project under “Vcreations” title. From now, Vcreations is a company which will hold the fund and invest into Paddy storage system to generate profits.

Vcreations a startup company has been registered under business category concern according to Indian law has its account opened in Tamilnadu Merchantile bank (TMB) to carry out its transaction.

The fund is planned to be generated and invested into paddy storage system to make the fund grow, in which returns(Profit) will be shared among crowdfunding investors. A brief workout of the investment and profit sharing has been detailed in the Business plan attached along with this mail.

I have attached the Brochures, a simple Powerpoint presentation file, a brief Business Plan and Investors Enrollment Form for your perusal.

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