Glass Restoration and Glass Treatment, Automotive and industrial repair and maintenance products

We wish to take this opportunity to take you through a snapshot of our efforts, results in growth and future plans for your kind understanding and might support your decision at the earliest.
The company was formed in 2011. After 12 months ( 4 complete seasons) free trials at KSRTC, and about 20 cars trial at windshield experts, the company launched the product for automotive windshield applications in 2012 April.

In the meantime parallelly we worked on other market segments like commercial building glass façade restoration & treatment and shower enclosures at retail customers. Till 2016 we have done close to 300 shower enclosure restoration & treatment, 6-7 glass façade restoration & treatment.
Glass Treatment & Restoration being a new concept to the Indian market, high sales & margin was a tough job initially, hence we decided to expand product portfolio with European company who are into the automotive, industrial & marine industry, maintenance & repair products. 3M, Wurth, Sika being competitors and having a major business, we decided to convert part of the business with our European supplier whose products are technically superior to competitors.

With our efforts, we have achieved a breakthrough at one of the automotive OE (Original Equipment) manufacturer’s approval for one of our products to be supplied in their brand to all their 250 dealers in India.

Target Markets for Restoration & Glass Treatment:

Target Markets are:
Automotive: Windshield replacement co, Authorized car dealerships, Bosch car services, Automotive services co.

Industrial: Branded shower enclosures, glass converter’s, glazing converts/fabricators.

Dealership’s/service providers: Bathroom cleaning co, glass dealers, façade cleaners/co’s.

Marine: ship owners, shipbuilders, Defence.

Business Potential: 2-3 cr PA

Direct Margin: 30-45%

Europe’s maintenance & repair products:

Automotive: Authorized dealerships, garages, bosch authorized dealers, OE’s.

Industrial: Power Plant, cement plants, defense, All Industries.

Marine: Ships, Navy, shipbuilders.

Business Potential: 30cr PA

Direct Margin: 30-40%

Investment :

We are looking at 25-30Lacs investment to meet to service OE order on a regular basis, and also grow the business. With 75Lacs to 1cr in a phased manner, we can achieve a top line sales of 2-3 cr in 18-24 months by bringing in more product lines.

Growth Opportunities:
The European manufacturer doesn’t have much business in India and with two bad experiences, they have held back themselves to associate with any Indian business house other than us. Hence All India opportunity Exists.

South East Asia doesn’t have any partners for this company and we will have the opportunity to expand in these markets for all market segments.

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