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our company engaged In milling and exporting finest quality South Indian varieties. Rice quality offered by us are globally accredited for rich aroma, freshness, contaminant-free, easily cooked and easily digestible. Our company was found by my father Mr. Babulal and N.M. Venkatachalapathy, who had 10 years of experience in paddy quality testing and manufacturing. He has completed PUC (graduate those days) and freshly. Entered into rice mill industry, as we had lots if agricultural lands, as he has Interest in paddy cultivation, involved initially Involved in home step manufacturing which our ancestor used. Then bought a hulling machine and started a mechanized process of manufacturing as there was a huge demand for our product. He started processing paddy other than our land. As our method of processing was different and well cared. Our product was fine and demand was I Huge.

In 1982, our company was established with a team Of skilled labors and initially started retailing its products. There was huge demand and we were unable to meet the demand then turned its business to serve branded hotels it’s in and around Madurai. Here Came on another challenge, those days rice contains stones and was difficult to remove. we engaged peoples to remove them. We are proud to say. We are the first to set up a destoner machine to remove stones and other unwanted things in rice. As our quality improved and it was directly monitored, demand for our product in the market was high.

In the year 2000, all modern equipment to improve our quality and standard from their gradual concentration in its quality. We have a skilled team to maintain the machine, possessing state of the art processing and warehousing facilities. We make sure of offering the finest quality rice with world-class, hygienic and With export standards.

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