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Introducing you to the stunning 360 degree view, on the road, full of organic vegetable and fruit trees, fenced naturally and artificially. Farm plots @ kodaikanal- vilpati panchayat. Location GPS. Longitude 10.2766390075, latitude  77.5050568212

Sale & Buyback 
Invest 40 Lakhs

  • 100% guaranteed buyback
  • in Just 4 Years
  • ROI 25% per annum
  • Fully Secured

Sale & Leaseback
Invest 65 Lakhs

  • Annual Return 10%
  • Permanent Income
  • Future Appreciation
  • Fully Secured

Eco Friendly tourism – Kodaikanal – “Palani View”

Advantage of the land and location

  1. Ideal place for future Glider sports.
  2. The nearby land has been identified for Helicopter tourism. This location has been identified as cable car project.
  3. Big resorts are coming up Opposite to our land,
  4. It is 6 km from lake.
  5. On the road property.
  6. Just opp to the trekking route which goes to Palani by walk in 3 hours.
  7. You can see the entire hills sitting in the house deck.


  1. Each plot will be 21 cents registration.
  2. There will be paver block road till the last plot.
  3. Each plot will be provided water connection from the centralised bore and tank.
  4. We will form an association “ Palani view land owners association” and handover the road and bore connections to the association. The road will be maintained by the association. Association will have ownership of road, bore, water tank and trees (which is near to main fencing)
  5. Each plot will have separate fencing, name board, solar street light and one wireless sim operated camera.
  6. Each plot will have vegetable  fruit farming and with the provision of land to construct house. Farm will be maintained by association with the cost of 4000 per month. This amount is management charge. Seed  fertiliser, cultivation, transportation of vegetables and fruits to your home not included in this. First time we will create and the maintenance is based on the cost
  7. Association will take care of appointing civil, plumbing, electrical contractors  based on the owners request. House construction can be supervised by the association with the cost of 5% of management expenses if in case of constructions.
  8. Association will be headed by the current land owner “SN Agro”.
  9. Association income from maintenance of farm, management fee for construction of house will be kept in corpus and it will be used for bettering the common area.
  10. Maintenance of house and renting of house will also be done by association with the cost of Rs 5000 per.month without including any repair expenses. House rental will directly go to customer from the customer.
  11. Inside road is held by association, hence no trespassers are allowed and it should be used only for owners commutation

What you can do it to make it very attractive to get good income.

  1. Construct 800 Sq.ft house. wooden finish with good front deck.Rental income can be estimated Rs 4 lac per plot. 125 days * Rs 400000
  2. Crete vegetables and fruit trees to get organic items for your intake
  3. Make natural fencing or trees
  4. Keep solar roof to have eco friendly and no expenses on power. From water heater to everything
  5. Keep eco friendly toilet to create human waste to power/manure
  6. Keep sprinklers to fill water for the plants
  7. All the above can be done at one time cost of Rs 24 Las with proper fittings

Future benefit  

If you get DTCP approval after 2 years or  the price will get changed based on sq ft from cents. Currently DTCP price goes till Rs 950 per sq ft in that area. Approximately 10000 sq * 950 = 95 lacs plus you get house house, solar along with rental income.

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