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Land @Kodaikanal – Project “Palani View” – 4.24 acre available for full Sale (21 cents)/ part sale(10.5 cents)/ Joint Venture/Lease – Attractive locationNew  4.43/5 (14)

*You can call only (Mon-Fri)-(9am to 6pm) Mobile:9499039638

artistic view

              • View From Land

                Plums crop from the land and Aerial view of the property

              • BASEMENTGROUND
            • Kodaikanal Land

 Available for

  • Full sale  
  • Joint venture
  • DTCP promotion
  • Lease
  • Partial sale

 Ideal for 

  • Resort, Hotels, Villas and Association Hall
  • Educational Institutions, Sports park, Hospitals
  • Individuals or Companies who wants to build Association Hall
  • Celebrity Farm Houses

About the land

  • 4.24 acre property (16 plots of 21 cents each).
  • It is 6 km from lake.
  • On the road property. 850 ft frontage.
  • Just opp to the trekking route which goes to Palani by walk in 3 hours.
  • You can see the entire hills from this property.
  • Fantastic location point. You can see in the video.
  • Fully fenced.
  • Has power, water sources, water tank, completely covered by natural fencing (silver oaks).
  • Totally got 900 plum trees, 10 avocados, 100 silver oak trees, orange, banana, agri equipments, power supply, power motor, caretaker shed, water tank, solar lights, rest place, camera and mud road till top.
  • Clearance from departments.

Location advantage – Nearby

  • Opp road has been identified for bypass road
  • Major Resorts
  • Future Glider sports point
  • Feasibility for Cable car location
  • Feasibility for Helicopter tourism


Ms Thenmozhi Customer Engagement Executive
WhatsApp to – 9499039638
Email id – shsfinancial@shsadvisorygroup.com

Mr Krishnamurthy Vice President
WhatsApp to – 9498331495
Email id – krishnamoorthy@shsadvisorygroup.com

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Own Investments

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