Wanted Investor

Seeking Investment INR 2 crore

Seeking Investment
INR 2 crore for 20.0% stake (Native Currency: INR 20,000,000)
Reason: To buy more equipment for surgeries and treatment and for marketing purpose.
Includes physical assets worth INR 2 crore

Business Overview
– We are an eye care hospital providing eye surgeries, laser treatments, and other eye-related services.
– The facility is located on the main road in Singanallur, Coimbatore.
– There is no other eye care center in 10 km radius.
– We receive 500 to 600 patients on a monthly basis. Our hospital is relatively new and the walk-ins are increasing gradually.
– We have 10 full-time doctors and 3 part-time doctors.

Products & Services Overview
Optical, Contact Lens, Pharmacy, Surgery, Laser Treatment.

Seeking 1 crore funding for online ticket booking website
Seeking Loan INR 30 crore
  • : Singanallur, coimbatore
  • : tamil nadu
  • : India

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