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Seeking Loan INR 30 crore

Seeking Loan
INR 30 crore for 18.0% annual interest, 2.0 years (Native Currency: INR 300,000,000)
Reason: Require funding in order to bid for a MSV coming under auction with an ONGC contract. We can also offer the investor or loan provider a stake in the new company we form for this with clear exit terms.
Collateral Available: INR 0

Business Overview
– We are an established service company that is looking to foray into shipping by starting a Special Purpose Vehicle entity.
– Planning on bidding for a Multi Support Vessel (MSV) on contract with ONGC for 3 years.
– The MSV is specialized for use in oil fields and not for passenger or cargo movement.
– Team of 54 full time staff is ready along with diving support teams which would be provided by ONGC.
– Director is a Merchant Navy captain having over 36 years of experience in the marine line.
– The vessel will be put forward as collateral for investors upon successful bidding.

Products & Services Overview
Oil field specializing in shipping vehicles.

Facilities Overview
Office in Chennai of 5,000 Sq. Ft having 3 floors. Rented for 5 years.

Seeking Investment INR 2 crore
A Medical Lab in Hyderabad - Looking for Investors
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