Wanted Investor

Seeking Loan INR 5 crore

Seeking Loan
INR 5 crore for 10.0% annual interest, 8.0 years (Native Currency: INR 50,000,000)
Reason: Wants to purchase raw materials and new equipment.
Collateral Available: INR 0
Includes physical assets worth INR 2.5 crore

Business Overview
– Company was established in 2007 in Chennai and specializes in glazing and cladding.
– Our services includes ACP cladding, stick glazing, glazing doors, toughened glass, facade glazing, toughened glass doors, spider glazing, tailored facade.
– Have completed more than 100 projects since 2007.
– Have served more than 100 clients. Some of them are L&T, Sobha Facades, AFCONS, Port Trust, Express Infrastructure, Ozone Group, VGN Infrastructure, DLF.
– Promoters has more than 19 years of experience in this business.

Products & Services Overview
Glazing and Cladding including unitised and semi unitised system.

Facilities Overview
Owned 16,000 sq ft built up area in ground mezzanine first floor.

Wanted above 1 crore funding for my company
seeking investment worth 4.5 crore
  • : tamil nadu
  • : india

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