Wanted Investor

seeking investment worth 4.5 crore

Seeking Investment
INR 4.5 crore for 49.0% stake (Native Currency: INR 45,000,000)
Reason: For expansion and diversification. Even though we have done projects pan India, the majority of them are from the Southern region. We would like to acquire projects from different parts of India to increase our sales and profits.
*Includes physical assets worth INR 5 crore
Business Overview
– Company design and manufacture ventilation systems for multiple industries.
– We mainly concentrate on Dairy, Hospitals & 5 Star Hotels.
– Completed 25 to 30 projects till date.
– All completed projects are large projects worth Rs. 3 crore to 10 crore.
– We also provide annual maintenance service to our clients.
– Have done projects all over India, however, most of them are from South India.
– Promoter has around 8 years of experience in this industry.

Products & Services Overview
We offer installation and AMC for Cold Rooms, Clean Rooms, OT, ICU and 5-star hotel ventilation systems.

Facilities Overview
Rented 1,000 sq ft office and owned 2,000 sq ft workspace.

Seeking Loan INR 5 crore
Seeking 1 crore funding for online ticket booking website
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  • : tamil nadu
  • : india

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