Bill Discounting

Success fee  – 2%

Duration – 20 days

Marketing Cost in Advance – 200 USD or 15000 INR

Who gets benefited?

Whoever is looking for short term funding against invoice or stocks

How to book this and what is the process?

Book your appointment and discuss with us. We would gather a one-page note about your company, past 3 year financials, projections and marketing advance to us. We will check all the details, and provide you the proper suggestions on what can be done on the next step. We will have a detailed 30 minutes to one-hour discussion with you on the same, once you agree on the cost.

Benefits of Bill Discounting

Get tailored bill discounting options to suit your requirement for short-term finance, from the date of sale to the date of receipt of payment. Save on interest rate costs and avoid the need to arrange for collateral on loans when you opt for bill discounting. Minimize delays on short-term and working capital funding with our simplified processing, short turnaround times, and single-window contact.

Scope of Services: -
    1. Preparation of proposal
    2. Identify bill discounting companies based on the criteria, size, location, etc
    3. Follow up with NBFC or Bank
    4. Assist with funding.
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