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We are currently active in the following areas. You could pass this to your known people who are looking at the bellow specialized domain Government schemes related to grants, equity, and debt for the people who got affected during the COVID...


Financial Analysis

Profitability Ratios Gross Profit Rate Gross Profit ÷ Net Sales. Evaluates how much gross profit is generated from sales. Gross profit is equal to net sales (sales minus sales returns, discounts, and allowances) minus the cost of sales. Return on...



13 slides you must include in your pitch deck Slide 1: Vision and value proposition overview of business and the value that you provide to the customers. Slide 2: The problem We can talk about the current solutions in the market Slide 3: Target...



What is Prompt Corrective Action? Prompt Corrective Action is a measure to maintain the financial health of banks. Also involves monitoring of certain performance indicators as an early warning exercise. The PCA framework deems banks as risky if...


The identical situation of financial analysis

The turnover of the company is doing good, the promoter is sure about the profitability margin. However its increasing liability every year means that there is an incorrect calculation of margin/profitability, receivables are exceeding the dates...


Attractive Funding scheme for bigger projects 5/5 (1)

Masala bond is an informal name used for Rupee denominated bond that Indian corporate borrowers can sell to investors in international markets (typically in the major financial centres like London, Singapore, New York etc).The term was used by the...


4 Common Legal Mistakes Startups Makes

Setting up a new business involves a lot of work. As a business owner, you have to take care of different things such as developing a proof of concept, contracts of the employers and hiring the employees. When handling numerous things at a time...


Spend Wisely To Acquire and Retain Customers 2/5 (1)

Spend wisely to acquire and retain customers. The value of a loyal customer is Priceless. Acquire more and retain well and treasure it at any cost. After all, a satisfied customer is the #BestBusinessStrategy of all. #SHSAdvisoryGroup Your Name:...


How to Boost your Franchise Sales? 5/5 (1)

Empowering a positive change in your franchise is the current challenge. Battling against slumping sales and to organize a simple executing method makes you win and be proactive in any economy. First things first, let’s discuss what not to do. The...


How to enter into a New Market

Perseverance combined with a clever plan always paves the way to achieve success. Expanding into a new market is one of an effective approach to leverage any business and its growth. Evaluating opportunities before entering a new market is crucial...

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