Group Companies

SHS Infrastructure (P) Ltd

Group company of SHS Advisory group. It has a clear focus of civil contracts, constructions, rentals, property purchase/sales, property maintenance and interiors.

Nature of Business

  • Rental
  • Purchase and Sale of Properties
  • Constructions of Houses/Flats
  • Goverment Civil contracts
  • Interior works

Proof of works

  • Flat Constructions in Mayiladuthurai
  • Bungalow construction in Chennai
  • house construction kodaikanal
  • Government constructions
  • Interior work at Kodaikanal

SN Holdings (P) Ltd

Holding company of SHS advisory group. This company invests in various projects and companies either partially or fully. invest in Startups too

Nature of investments

  • Media
  • Techlony
  • Plantation
  • Education
  • Infrastructure

Proof of Investments

  • Sokkuthe Manam
  • Adfarm
  • SN Agro cultivation and Trading
  • Vidwan School of Music
  • SHS infrastructure


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