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Hackathon is a coding marathon, an event lasting from a few hours to a few days, usually hosted on weekends. Despite the possible negative connotation with the word “hacking”, those events do not promote malicious or criminal behaviors, as “hacking” can also mean “playful, exploratory programming”. A challenge like that brings together specialists from related fields, like graphic designers, project managers, business analysts and others. It originated from events for programmers, but the formula quickly proved to be attractive to specialists from other fields as well, more on that later. The goal of such an event differs depending on what the organizers aim for. While many hackathons are centered on technological projects (e.g., computer software, mobile web applications), other projects take the form of resource development (e.g., user guides/tutorials, blog posts, Wikipedia page editing, checklists).

experimental paradigm or assessment development (e.g., stimulus selection, psychological experiments, surveys), or even data analysis (e.g., data visualization, data processing, learning a new method)