Joint Venture

Our experienced commercial team can help you, as a commercial business, set up legal structures to work with others, from informal partnerships to full joint ventures and mergers.

Services includes:

  • Strategy
  • Finding the Partners
  • Valuation
  • Negotiation, Drafting & Finalisation
  • Advising Joint Venture
  • Dispute resolution
  • Exit Strategy
  • Mergers or Acquisitions
Why consult us?

Our goal is to optimize your business profits by tailoring our services related to Business and Finance according to individual requirements.

Business Research

Transform raw data into knowledge through our research process.

Tailor-Made Solutions

✓ Financial services ✓ Marketing Services
✓ Investment Solutions ✓ Troubleshooting

At SHS, we help our clients master the various aspects of a successful joint venture in India. Towards the end, we will consult with you in maximizing your results from the joint venture process.

Joint Venture is the ideal option when two or more entities want to share their unique strengths, synergies and capabilities in certain geographical areas or business functions, yet do not want to lose their own identity. In this new entity, parties in Joint venture bring/transfer their domain knowledge/expertise, and also simultaneously continue to run their own businesses.

Our select services include:
  • Informal collaborations
  • Contractual joint ventures
  • Full mergers or acquisitions