Post- shipment Finance

Success fee -2%

Duration to get finance –  20 days

Commitment fee – Rs 10000 or 150 USD

Mandate – Stamp paper agreement confirming the success fee

An organization provides post-shipment finance to meet working capital requirements after the actual shipment of goods. It bridges the financial gap between the date of shipment and the actual receipt of payment from overseas buyers thereof.

Who gets benefited?

A firm that is looking for working capital to fill the gap of the duration between his shipped goods and the payment received for them. 

How to book this and what is the process?

Book your appointment to discuss this with us. We will analyze your financials. The success fee is based on the success of the transaction and the marketing fee has to be paid to get the financiers in hand. We will sign the NDA and Mandate after agreeing on the terms.

Benefits of Post- shipment finance

  1. Reduced working capital cycle for the firm.
  2. Firms can convert their credit sale into cash sales, hence freeing up their capital for further exports.
What do we do?

Post shipment loans help firms to get finance without waiting for a number of sales from their overseas buyers. Here at SHS Advisory group, we practice different strategies to connect with potential financiers.  We will fix an appointment with you to understand your needs and requirements. We will analyze your statements and convey the same to the financiers. Terms and conditions will be discussed at the time the deal is placed.

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