The acquiring company buys the shares/ assets of the target company, which gives the acquiring company the power to make decisions concerning the acquired assets.


  • A listed company that lacks funds and capital and does not want to go public.


Book your appointment to discuss this with us. We will need your business/financial analysis report, financial model, valuation report, pitch-book/IM for the discussion. We will also explain the plan of action and the approach.


The success fee is based on the success of the transaction and the marketing fee has to be paid to get the investors/buyers in hand. We will sign an NDA and mandate after agreeing with the terms.


  • Need of funds either to the promoters or company.
  • Creating either HNI, Institutional investors, Insurance companies, Mutual funds or PE to participate in the company as a shareholder.

Raising funds by means of this placement helps the company diversify its funding sources and its capital structure. Here at SHS Advisory group, we practice different strategies to connect with potential investors. We have a large investor base and we consider it to be important to research deeply and use something called an “upstream and downstream analysis approach” to find an investor in order to place the shares.

The list of actions that we follow are mentioned below:

  • Financial Statement analysis
  • Research report
  • Scrutinize Information memorandum or pitchbook
  • Conduct a meeting with our team to brainstorm ideas in order to fix the target investor’s contacts.
  • If a potential is noticed in the first pitch, our investment banking associate will have a detailed discussion with the investor and will arrange a next round call with our management to explain the structure, reasons to invest, methods, deal size.
  • Further calls or meetings are arranged with our client along with the investor either virtually or face to face based on the possibilities and interests.
  • Depending upon the interest to take it any further, our analyst explains the financial details to the investor.
  • We further discuss the terms, accommodate the required negotiations and arrive at the final closure.
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