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SHS Advisory Group was established in the year 2004, Founded by Mr.Narayanan Swaminathan and worked as a Mentor, Consultant, Advisor, Strategist for many companies in India and Overseas. Our loyal clients made us achieve 1000 plus transactions, 10 years in a media appearance, 150k youtube viewers, 8 locations, 20k plus clients reach in the past 16 years. SHS has been an established and reputed company with an excellent track record for best customer satisfaction. SHS integrates honesty, integrity, and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

About Us


SHS specialized in Capital Structuring, Preparation of Proposal/Pitch Deck/Valuation,  Feasibility, Equity/Debt Funding, Business Development, Handling Critical Busines issues, IPO, international finance, restructuring, strategic advisory, and Investments in Business. Having extensive contact with Business Owners, Experts, Investors, Institutions, and Financiers. To better understand the market and clients, we have also experienced investing and financing to different types of companies

  1. Government schemes related to grants, equity, and debt for the people who got affected during the COVID pandemic.
  2. A joint venture from an international client if the company is into the manufacturing business
  3. International Equity or Debt for turnover of more than 100 cores
  4. Placement of Shares with institutions and HNI if it is listed in NSE/BSE
  5. Private Equity from the market if the company is 3 years old and the turnover is 100 crores
  6. Seed capital for startup companies if the company is less than 1 year old and huge growth prospects
  7. Venture capital for 1 to 3 years old companies where the turnover is less than 20 crores
  8. SME listing and funding for the companies more than 20 crore turnover
  9. Bank restructuring or distress funding for companies facing problem with banks
  10. Discounting facilities for export turnover companies.
  11. The settlement with debtors if the company is facing a crisis in finance
  12. Bigger orders or contracts for the companies where the product value is more than 50 lacs.
  13. Strategy for the companies who are looking to increase turnover or more customers
  14. Automation solution strategy for the companies who want to reduce manpower and increase profitability in another 2 years.

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Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to grow their business to achieve their financial goal

  1. Business analysis. Very important to analyze your current business level and also to estimate the future
  2. Financial analysis. To check your current company status financially and also to identify the appetite of equity and debt funding possibilities to your business
  3. Business intelligence. It is very ideal for those who want to be relaxed/ automate while doing the business. It will help you and control the entire business, customers, financials, logistics, or whatever in a dashboard.
  4. Digital strategy. It is very important to generate leads for your business either by branding, positioning, and marketing. The purpose of doing this to do indirect lead generation
  5. Digital Marketing. Creating leads for your business
  6. Valuation. Very important to selling the business, getting equity investors, ESOP, private placements
  7. Financial Strategy. For those having financial stress in the company. It is to identify opportunity or way to come out of the financial issues
  8. Pitchbook or information memorandum. It is a key factor to circulate to investors after identifying the potential people
  9. Detailed project report or feasibility report. It is very accurate to measure future business potential or financial potential. By doing this, you can eliminate lots of future problems and current problem solutions

Happy Customers

"Timely financial ideas given to get rid of the bottle neck . Extended their favor in getting loan from the right bank at the right time. very much inspired with their service."
Mr Kannan – Chairman
Alagu Jyothi Academy
"We were going through a phase where we had a solid business model but we never had someone who could help us bring in investors. Narayanan and his team at SHS, were immensely helpful in bringing us the right partner to give us the credibility we badly needed. We have grown 100% since the merger that happened in March and we are thankful to Mr. Narayanan for helping us in this deal. With this, one thing was sure. Narayanan, if he takes up a deal, he will close it. I would use his services for all my future endeavors.."
Mr.Krishnan Naranapatty – CEO
Adfarm Private Ltd