What do we offer?

SHS Advisory Group under its CEO Mr. Narayanan Swaminathan who is an experienced financial and business consultant who has worked in this industry for the past 17 years is offering 3 different mentorship programs through where students and working professionals can learn new skills, upgrade their existing knowledge, connect theoretical aspects to real world problems and understand the mechanics behind the corporate world.

The programs are Personal Finance and Financial Planning Mentorship, Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Mentorship and Startup Mentorship and Acceleration Program.

Personal Finance and Financial Planning Mentorship program​

  • This program teaches the dynamics behind various personal financial investment options and deepens the knowledge about the 5 aspects of Personal Finance: Income, Spending, Saving, Investing and Protecting.
  • This course can be pursued by those from any industry since financial planning is a necessity in today’s world and helps improve and secure one’s financial position invariably. Anyone above the age of 18 is eligible to apply for this.
  • The training will be for 30 hrs and the fee for the training will be Rs.3000

Startup Mentorship and Acceleration Program

  • Are you one of those who would like to start something on your own? Now is the best time for starting up. India’s start-up ecosystem is home to 38,815 active startups which are the torch bearers of innovation in our country. Through the Startup Mentorship and Acceleration program, various topics such as how to start up, pitching, funding, proposals, strategic team building etc. will be covered. This wholesome package is specifically designed for individuals looking forward to entering the start-up industry and those who want to re-innovate their current start-ups.
  • The training will be for 20 hrs and this will be a group training where individuals have to work in teams and the fee for the training will be Rs. 2500

Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Mentorship Program

  • This program is aimed at students who aspire to enter the Financial World and working professionals who are looking to upgrade their knowledge and domain-specific skills in order to thrive in the workforce. Investment Banking jobs are one of the most sought after jobs today. The required skills to get even into an investment banking intern role at a top global investment bank requires more than just a degree. Our Investment Banking Mentorship program will help individuals to put to use their theoretical understanding to practical work as we train students by covering various important concepts such as Corporate Valuation, M&A Transactions, Venture Capital and Private Equity, Fundamentals of Accounting, Financial Implementation and Modelling and Business Automation to equip students and working professionals with strong fundamentals which will help them progress with time.
  • Apart from the training, we will also be provided with a sample Financial Analysis and Business Analysis report which can be used as a guide that will help understand how various ratios and models are implemented practically.
  • The training will be for 10 hrs and the fee for the training will be Rs.3000.