45-Year-Old Hospital in Tamil Nadu

We have been tasked with raising Rs 200 crore INR for a 45-year-old hospital in Tamil Nadu with no debt and a turnover of Rs 50 crore. We are accountable for the entire strategy, which includes conducting business and financial analysis, conducting due diligence, developing financial models, valuing the firm, comparing it to other industries,
preparing investor pitches, or bringing them to an IPO and completing the IPO process end-to-end if we choose the IPO model. We would push diligently to transform the company into a billion-dollar enterprise.
We are looking for
chartered accountants, CFA’s, and MBA’s who will do preparations, comparisons, and growth identifications.
Pitchbook creators who can create elevated pitch videos
Investors who are interested in this
Analysts or researchers can identify potential investors and send the pitch to them and explain the deal.
Anyone with a space of 1 lakh square feet in Chennai is welcome to contact us. Startup companies that are in the space of health, hospitality, etc. can reach us for investment. We are not interested in gyms, pharmacies, etc.