We’d like to offer you a chance to buy or take over an existing, profit making company which has been into sub
assembly business for the past 30 years. Founded in 1992 & situated in Bengaluru, the capital of a southern Indian
state, Accurate Bearing Components, a Partnership Firm, has been a true one-stop-destination of high-precision
Automotive Components for the OEMs in automotive industry, forging a culture of innovation & growth and driving
industry-standards in sync with evolution, for 25+ years now.

The company specializes in the development of precision-engineered Bearing Races, Bearing Cups, Cold-forged
Components, Critically Machined Parts and Stabilizer Links, and also manufactures automotive components for
Kicker Shaft Assemblies for 2 wheelers, Rings & Washers. They are manufactured with advanced material-expertise,
design-capabilities & quality-processes, their products perform well at high temperatures, speed & loads.

The company estimates the turnover of 12 crore this year with an EBITA margin of 16% and they are operating at
50% capacity. The company promoters looking for estimated price of Rs 35 crores and the real estate price is not