Accounts and Regulatory Services

Cost – 700 USD or 50000 INR per month

Duration – up to the client decision

Output – Monthly/Weekly

Who gets benefited?

Firm, companies, LLP, Proprietorship, and all types of businesses

How to book this and what is the process?

Book your time to discuss with you. Post the detailed discussion, we will send you the list of items required. We will check all the details, and provide you the proper suggestions for the next steps to be taken. We will have weekly discussions, monthly reporting, and assure you of full-time support.

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Benefits of Accounts and Regulatory Services

It is essential for every company or proprietorship. This is an outsourced service that is highly effective, low priced, and beneficial to track the company status and regulatory update every month.  The promoter can easily analyze and track the financials monthly without undergoing any pressure. Instead of yearly analysis/yearly updating to regulatory, the monthly analysis/regulatory update would give you an update on the performance track.

Action Plan

One person will be deputed at client places throughout the month. Wherever possible an off-site work can be done by a team of professionals. This package is designed for monthly and annual filing and compliance, where the books of accounts are prepared by us, regularly during the year.

We will maintain/update the following

  1. Maintenance of Books of Accounts: – Bookkeeping – Preparation, Review, correction, to achieve the following objective:
  2. Accounting Books: Accounting Entries are done as per the legally prescribed methods, internal reporting requirement, and initiating necessary actions, wherever required.
  3. Review of Employee ledgers, Supplier Ledgers, Customer Ledgers, Director Ledgers,
  4. Fixed Assets Ledger, security deposits to identify and initiate actions

A. Accounting Records and vouchers are in a proper manner:

  1. Payment Voucher
  2. Receipt Voucher
  3. Journal Voucher
  4. Bank reconciliation and statements
  5. Copies of all invoices (Sales and Purchases)
  6. Taxation records are kept properly, which is supposed to be kept by the finance department.

B. Other Monthly/Annual Compliance:

  1. Monthly and Annual GST Returns
  2. Regular TDS Returns – Non-Salaries
  3. Regular TDS Returns – Salaries
  4. Assistance in depositing GST, TDS, and Advance Tax
  5. Advisory at current level/activities 

C. MCA Compliance:

  1. Minutes of Board meetings
  2. Directors’ Interest disclosure
  3. Directors’ disqualification disclosure
  4. Directors’ Report
  5. Conducting Annual General Meeting
  6. KYC of directors – Form DIR-3 KYC
  7. Return of Deposits – Form DPT-3
  8. Annual Return – Form MGT-7
  9. Appointment of Auditors – Form ADT-1
  10.   Filing of Financials – Form AOC-4
  11.   AOC-2
  12.   MGT-9
  13.   (Inclusive of CA/CS fees for signing the forms Audit Reports. Exclusive of MCA government fees)
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