The startup with innovation brings AI in the bicycle combining 4 patent products in one, introducing the first AI bicycle in the Indian market. Looking to raise investment. If you don't want to miss the opportunity then get the secured offer today.


The AI bicycle design & concept is connecting pedelec. The cycle ergonomics design is customized for IBM, Body frame as well as the gender of riders. which is telematics as intelligent IoT.

Looking for the investment

The company is looking for the investment of 11 crores, with the promising potential growth for infrastructure development & manufacturing process

Why to invest

The Start-up came up with the innovative Idia n-house ideated, designed, and developed software and cloud connect monitors provide the user with bicycle and rider telematics. It is proprietary to all PEDALEZE bicycles.

Business Summary:

  • Project Swift is a tech driven design & innovation company in the mobility & wellness space, launched their first patented AI product i.e. PEDAL ASSISTED E-BICYCLE. It is the first in the industry to design & concept CONNECTED E PEDELAC providing useful rider and bicycle telematics.
  • Features of the product launched: In house designed and developed Bicycle frame.
  • In house ideated, designed and developed software & cloud connect monitors, intelligent controller that helps controls the motor, an adoptive power drives.
  • The product is focused on customer health for Ortho/Diabetic/BMI /CVD

4 Patents:

  • Cardio sense drive technology
  • Predictive assessment of Battery range using AI
  • Power on demand synchronized power drive,
  • Range extender using momentum to charge the battery

Behind the Wheel:

  • The 3 founders have versatile experience across various sector in verticals including Lead innovation, Design, Development of new products / processes, Automotive, Special purpose machines, Hybrid technologies, IT, Engineering design, Special equipment development, Manufacturing engineering, Foundry, Steel, Mining, Electronic devices, Solar, Construction panels, also setting up production units and identifying new markets.
  • The management team served for big corporates & MNC’s like Black Savills & Bryson (BS&B), Marquip, India and Larsen and Toubro, development centre head at Infosys Technologies Limited (INFY, Chennai) managing international clients in the Europe, North America, India etc.

Product Portfolio:

  • Project Swift current products consisting of H2, O2, C2 and their respective variants.
  • Future Project Swift 2: Designed mid drive integrated frame design
  • Future Project Swift 3: Mid drive integrated design with connected intelligence version 2.0
  • Future Project Swift 4: Allied products – Accessories branded and sold and the other part will be other R&D products developed and productised
  • In the future plans to bring a Cargo Bike

 Potential Usage:  

  • There are many use cases & usages to the product & technology designed, it’s just not a bicycle.
  • The Models of revenue is through – 1) Project Swift APP 2) Subscription model O2/C2/H2 3) Frame Integrated + Connected.

 Company Financial Snapshot*:                                                                           Amt in INR Lakhs


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Total Revenue
























Our Competitive Advantage:

Indian Market:

  • Overall size of the premium and super premium cycle segment is currently at approximately 35,000 units annually accounts for 0.2 % of the overall market in India, however, this segment has growing at a CAGR of 20% as against the growth of 3% seen in overall cycle market over the last 5 years
  • Indian Pedalec market is expected to reach $1 billion in the next 5 years

 Investment Opportunity:

Looking to raise INR 900 Lakhs towards production requirements & working capital to be ready to cater the demand in coming years. 

  • In 1st year we will approach TN, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra, Delhi Ncr with cities likes Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada etc.
  • In 1st year we have planned 1700 Bicycle targeting of 20 corporates in India with 12 lakh employees with 10% target of them which potential target of 1.5% with target countries will be Srilanka, Australia, New Zealand and GCC countries

Road Ahead:

*Disclaimer: Year 1 sales is based on the assumption that the funding is secured in Qtr I. Any delay in this process will push the timelines by the respective time delay.

Growth Drivers:

  • A strong assumption is 10% of the two-wheeler owners are looking at a healthier (life style, environment and cost of fuel) alternate. Focus buyers are office goer’s delivery boys keep fit groups (young and old) high school and grad students, after school recreation.
  • Riders anxiety for charging the batteries for e-scooters/bikes is the current deterrent and for e bicycles we do not have such issues.
  • Electric vehicle market likely to be Rs 50,000 crore opportunity in India by 2025
  • A nascent but quickly evolving to become the futuristic preferred mode for short commute for urban and non-urban riders as well at a low pricing.
  • With the Indian government push, the changing mind set of people to be eco-friendly, combined with the need for lifestyle changes, we feel that our products are best suited for the current and future.