Capital Raising

It’s the process a business goes through in order to raise money, so that the business can expand or transform itself.


A company looking for capital raising for their companies either through HNI, venture capital, private equity, mezzanine capital, seed capital, distress equity, startup capital and so on.


Your business/financial analysis report, financial model, valuation, pitch book, or Information Memorandum will be compiled 

NDA and mandate are signed on agreed terms after target companies/investors are reached out using a tailor made methodology.


Allows enterprise growth

Increase business turnover

Break out of critical financial issues


Acquiring businesses


We use the below methodology to reach interested investors:

  • Push marketing
  • Pull marketing.

The target is unknown hence we use various techniques to reach the investor. We have a large investor base and in an average an investor gets 5 – 10 proposals every day and makes around 10 transactions per annul.

Hence, we must do an in-depth research to identify new people/ investors/buyers. Besides identifying the investor names, we also use the method of identifying people by analyzing upstream, downstream, equal or big companies. We approach individuals or companies to become an investor in our client proposals.


Scrutinizing IM or pitchbook

Creating one-page marketing informationto send it to investors

Brainstorm meeting with our team to fix the target investor sector, criteria, size, territory, how to approach them, what are the methods to reach them

(a) Method 1- Identity platforms to get investor networking like BIZIT, bankerburry, SMERGER, etc. Then by paying a certain amount, we list our client requirements on these platforms, and we continue with the process. This process is a time-consuming process with a lesser success rate.  Each wrong connection leads to not just loss of money but most importantly, our credibility with the investors

(b) Method 2- The target company’s contact details can be collected by conducting intensive and detailed research and networking. We then pay and use various platforms like rocket reach, etc to get contact details

Prepare website, Facebook, LinkedIn profiles in advance and connect to the target through these platforms too.

Send first pitch through call or email after the selection

Our investment banking associate will have a detailed discussion with the investor and arranging a next round call with our management to explain the structure, why to invest, methods, deal size.

Arrange further meetings with our client along with the investor either virtually or directly.

Our analyst explains the financial details to the investors.

Further discussions, negotiations, terms, and closure


Media coverages – Press, TV, etc

Investor roadshow in metros or overseas – Location-based.

Participating in Investor Forums (based on the customer budget and requirement)