CMDA / DTCP Approval

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA), formerly known as the Madras Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA), is the nodal planning agency of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. CMDA is a statutory organization of the Tamil Nadu Government.

DTCP stands for Directorate of Town and Country Planning. This department looks after planning and development in urban and rural areas of the country and each state has a DTCP for the state. The planned development is carried out through approval of layouts and by regulating through building rules and zoning regulations and also approval of industrial institutions.


The DTCP & CMDA Approval carry the advantage of owning a plot/land that can be used for a specific purpose which is designated by the planning authority.

The major benefit of DTCP or CMDA approval is the entitlement for getting building approval. This can also be an assurance that the building cannot be demolished without any proper procedure laid out for the approved layouts.

The demolition of buildings developed on CMDA approved plots/land is quite uncommon as it is not encouraged without any strong legal justification. This benefit is not available in the unapproved plots/layouts.

The value of property will substantially increase if the approval is sought and this will in fact increase the resale value.

Investors can buy DTCP approved plots in the developing areas, which is devoid of proper infrastructural development. Whereas, CMDA plots comes under the city limits, you are buying an asset in a sound infrastructure with schools, global companies, metro & flyovers around the location.

The scope of transparency in land/plots transaction is increased and resale is also made easier.

The Banks also will approve loans or fund building construction or renovation only when the land is approved.


The responsibility of CMDA is to regulate physical developments within the Chennai metropolitan area. For this purpose, CMDA has already prepared a master plan that designates the permission for the use of land in every part of the Chennai metropolitan area.


CMDA has a specific set of functions & responsibilities that are listed down below:

CMDA surveys the Chennai Metropolitan area which is under its control. This is usually done by preparing a report for each area & the survey is carried out.

The CMDA is the sole authority that prepares maps that supports in the planning of the city.

The plans for development if also prepared by the CMDA that includes the master plan as well.

Checklist for DTCP Approval:


General application duly signed by the applicant 


Copy of order (Tamil Nadu Government Gazette) declaring the multi-storeyed building area under rule 4(a) of the Multi-storeyed Building Rules, 1973


Form prescribed under rule 3(1) of Tamil Nadu District Municipalities Building, Rule, 1972 as in Appendix ‘A’ (for municipality and town panchayat areas) duly filled in 


Form prescribed under rule 4(1) of Tamil Nadu Panchayat Building Rule, 1997 as in Appendix ‘B'(for panchayat area) duly filled in


Site plan in any scale between 1:400 to 1:800 which should also indicate the location of the 10% reservation for OSR. 


Detailed plan, elevation, sectional details in scale not less than 1:100


Topo plan giving details within a 500-metre radius in scale not less than 1:2000 


Detailed structural design report with drawings and stability certificate duly considering the seismic forces from a class I structural engineer. (Affidavit in Rs.100/- stamp paper in the prescribed format to be provided by the architect, owner and structural design engineer) (format closed)


Certificate from a Chartered Engineer / Soil mechanics Engineer as to whether the soil is having enough safe bearing capacity for the proposed height of Multi storeyed Building


Solar water-heated system as indicated in the drawing


STP Report with detailed calculations and drawings


Rainwater harvesting structures and arrangements with drawings and detailed report of RWH based on the contour of the site


Attested copy of the Documents (Sale Deed/Lease Deed/Power of Attorney)


VAO Attested FMB/Town Survey Sketch


VAO Attested – Chiita, Adangal, TSLR, ‘A’ register copy


Encumbrance Certificate for the past 13 years (in original)


NOC from Tahsildar (in original) in the prescribed format for poromboke land, land acquisition, Land Ceiling Act, 1978 and Land Reforms Act, 1961


Whether FMB Sketch, Chitta, Copy of ‘A’ register for the access road is available


Local Body resolution for all the survey numbers with specific recommendations


Planning authority resolution for all the survey numbers (in case of planning areas only)


Specific recommendations and remarks about the site suitability and access road etc.  by the Regional Deputy Director in case of non-planning area or by the member secretary of the Planning Authority in case of planning areas


NOC for ELCOT (in case of IT Building)


NOC from Fire Service Department


NOC from P&T Department for Microwave tower


NOC from Civil Aviation Department


NOC from Chennai Regional Advisory Committee


NOC from Traffic Police Department


Local Planning Authority recommendation and inspection remarks (in planning areas only)


Specific recommendations and inspection remarks of the Regional Deputy Director in case of non-planning areas


Government pleader opinion about land ownership mentioning all survey numbers and area


Water supply arrangement undertaking letter


Whether the area lies in Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ), if so, certificate, drawings and remarks of Member Secretary of Local Planning Authority to be attached.