Feasibility study and Business Plan

A feasibility study examines business ventures or project’s viability with the goal of identifying potential issues. The research aims to answer questions on the planned business endeavour or project viable, and the decision to pursue it.


A well-written business plan is essential because it allows entrepreneurs to spell out their objectives and track their progress as their company grows.

Business plans are also necessary to attract investors

  • Discussion with management about vision and mission

The strategy of Business and implementation

Types of products

Business verticals online/offline/Hybrid

Business management plan

  • Display model
  • Automation plan
  • Logistics plan
  • Financial in and outflow idea
  • Dashboard management
  • Market Research

Field research about the potential and operation

Comparable industry verification by direct visit

pitfalls in the industry and business

Overcoming the pitfalls

  • Financial Structure

Investment plan or commitment by the management

financial assumptions preparations

Revenue forecasting

ROI preparation

Financial Model

  • Preparation of Feasibility report based on the above pieces of information
  • Company formation. 
  • Connecting respective people to recruit the heads
  • Automation hackathon identification
  • Implementation of finance, business, automation, and dashboard
  • Handover

Here are some optional services to the customer. If the customer wishes to approach SHS for the execution, they can avail this option. We manage identity, supervise, suggest, improvisations, execution, and negotiating pricing with vendors.  Visit charges to be paid separately

Press meets. Concept to execution to create indirect market domination

Advertising or TV interviews. Starting from the identification of ad person to release

Supervision of Hackathon to executive the project. Recruitment of proper people to run the organization

Online promotions through agencies. The idea, the concept will be given by SHS and implemented by the digital agency.