We’d like to offer you a chance to invest in a company that is uniquely positioned to power India’s Digital Future. The company is a leading player in next-generation data center design, development, and deployment. The future of the web is mobile and the company wants to be your partner as you grow and target the Indian Digital Economy. The Data Centre outsourcing market in India is at an inflection point. We are seeing rapid growth in demand for Data Centre capacity and Hyperscale Data Centres being built in Tier-1 cities are driving this growth.

The company is formed by 3 individuals in 2022. The intention of the company is to bring together global expertise in asset management through a combination of technology, business development, and international capital raising strategies.

 The major goal of the company is to provide a cutting-edge technology stack for its clients. Their main focus is to grow the IT and IoT sectors in the country, increase the adaptation of cloud services and help India to grow digitally.

The status of the company

The company is a start-up and needs funds to build data centers in the country. The company has its roadmap that mainly focuses on partially selling the company or listing the company on the Indian Stock Exchange or Singapore Stock Exchange by 2026.

What is unique about this?

The company has a clear vision of where it wants to lead and they have a clear goal they want to achieve. They thrive to build the model where they build the data centers and immediately sell for the business purpose. They are the only company that has the potential to range the market digitally with their roadmap and achieve the goal.

What are they looking at?

The company is looking for preference investors at 25% compulsorily convertible preference shares in the Indian DC Platform company for up to 35 crore Indian Rupees. The investment is for 3-5 years with an annual return of 15%-20% p.a.