Land or Plot promotion

Marketing Strategy to Execution – Rs 2 lac. Single payment in advance.

Sales and follow up Commission – 1%

An idea about land or Plot promotion

Our in-house development team specializes in residential strategic land promotion i.e. land that has a prospect of being successfully taken through the planning process for residential development.

We use our market knowledge to identify areas where demand exists for housing or plot development and then select suitable sites, which we feel have a genuine prospect of obtaining satisfactory planning consent.

Potential sites are identified and agreements are entered into with landowners. Our In-house team then works to promote the site through the planning process by pulling in specialist consultants from all the necessary disciplines including (but not limited to) Ecologists as well as Planning and PR Consultants. Our approach is to work closely with and in partnership with the landowner. We use our skills in site promotion to secure allocations and then satisfactory planning permissions.

Procedures and steps involved in the promotion

  1. Land visit
    1. Overview
    2. Contour Drawing
  2. Feasibility to identify the right marketing strategy and pricing
    1. Inspecting nearby lands and the pricing
    2. Checking the guidelines value
    3. Documents verification to justify the document nature
  3. Discussion with management
    1. Plot formation
    2. Villa plan
    3. Marking of Road width and formation. Road formation by management
    4. Stones Laying. Laying by Management.
  4. Promotional material
    1. Aerial view shoot video and photo
    2. Creating a video with a model to explain the land and its advantages
    3. Creating Architect joint venture to design the villa model
    4. E brochure formation
    5. Printed brochure
  5. Marketing Strategy
    1. Discussion with management about the plan and pricing again
    2. Target segment marking
    3. Payment plan
    4. Overall idea or view about how to execute the marketing
  6. Promotion
    1. FB Campaign
    2. Instagram campaign through influencer
    3. Youtube marketing and tagging
    4. Mass Email to investors
    5. Listing or profile in Magic bricks, 99 acres, other  2 investment platforms
  7. Sales
    1. Bringing all the leads to one single source
    2. Leads supply by office admin to Sales person
    3. CRM management of leads and automation of Emails
    4. Site visit
    5. Pricing discussion
    6. Sales closure based on the management prescribed limit
    7. Closure
    8. Handing over the file to management
  8. Post sales
    1. Customer follow up about feedback
    2. Documentations help
    3. Arranging registration coordination (documents to registration) payment by client or management
    4. Completion of registration
    5. Handing over the document to both parties
    6. Patta transfers help to the customer. cost by parties
    7. Digital documents handover
    8. Helping the customer to tie with architect or builder
    9. Fencing help if is required

Required Documents

  • Sanctioned plan
  • Letter of allotment
  • Encumbrance Certificate(if available) 
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