Preparation of Information Memorandum


This service is beneficial is for all companies that are already existing


Post the detailed discussion, we will submit the report in 5 days. We will gather your financial models, valuation, type of IM required, business type, etc during the initial meeting. We create attractive animations or video presentations based on the budget and submit the IM in 7 days. We will also discuss in detail the pros and cons of the IM.


One of the main purposes of an information memorandum is to provide the information to investors to understand the business and to review the opportunity. You will receive a 35-page slide / Video from 45 seconds and more which will help investors decide if they want to invest in the business.

Executive Summary

Key business products and service offerings of the company

Financial Overview – revenue, EBITDA Margins, Cash Flow, profitability

The nature of the transaction

Investment rationale

Investment Thesis

The company acts as a platform for market entry and growth

The kind of partnerships it has with leading players, providing best-in-class services and the opportunity to build on them for the acquirer

Upside opportunities from process optimization, cross-selling, cost optimization, automation, etc.

Blue-chip clients and longstanding relationship with them

Strong order book

Experience in management and strong capabilities in business expansion

Strong position locally with an international foothold

Potential for M&A synergies

Overview of the Market size

Top players in various business segments

The trend of various product lines

Growth trends in the market and the driving factors behind them

Mapping of the competitors with the “target’s ranking”

Overview of the Target Company (take over assignments)

Year of establishment

Company description

Business segments and their capabilities

Revenue, EBITDA, and net income

Employee details

Customers, clients, and users

Place of headquarters with different office locations

Recent news about the company

Products and Services

Detailed analysis of the products and services offered by the company.

For the product categories, the company will include a list of the products, the target segment of each product, etc.

From a service perspective, it shows the company’s various service offerings, the capability of the company, the end-to-end process of the services it offers.

Revenue Profile

By showing the information buyers/investors can see where the major revenue comes from and if it is aligned with their business strategy.

Employee Profile

Segregation of the employees is shown so that the buyer/investor has a fair idea of the existing personnel mix and can plan changes that will help them achieve cost optimization.

An employee profile can be shown in several ways, including by function, qualifications, geography, pyramid, etc.

Customer Profile

For any acquirer/investor, it would be important to know what kind of customers the company would be serving in the future.

Financials – Historical and Projections

From a valuation perspective, it gives a detailed analysis of the profit and loss account. It contains actual financial information from previous years, as well as financial projections by the management of the target company.

Since the target/investor company is preparing the projections, it will try to show the company in a very positive position and make it attractive in order to achieve a higher valuation.

Management Structure

A brief about key personnel of the company, highlighting their role(s) in the company, years of experience, previous work experience, etc.

This section is extremely important and is also one of the most matter-of-fact sections. It typically includes each person’s photograph, name, title, and a multi-paragraph description of what they do, their background, and their claim to fame.

An organizational chart may also be useful in this section to illustrate the hierarchy and reporting structure