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Our team consists of marketers who are experts in positioning the brand to the target customers. We are experienced in delivering the market and customer knowledge to our clients, the success of the product in the market, determining its position in the market and thus leading to increase in sales of the product.

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Procedure for Product Marketing

i) Identifying your customers – Knowing your customer is the key step in targeting your product to the right set of consumers. Promoting your product to the ideal set of customers is a cost-effective and efficient method of promotion.

ii) Research the competitors – Competitors analysis plays a major role in identifying the spending pattern of the consumers as well as their preferences and expectations from a product.

iii) Content management- The target customers can be acquired by a precise content marketing strategy that will evoke their perception of the brand and its image.

This could be carried out via the following services provided by us:

  • Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing
  • Hosting and maintenance of a website
  • Mobile Apps/Web development 
  • E-commerce platforms

Required Documents

  • Product Requirements Document stating the purpose of the product, its features with short term and long term goals for the product to be achieved. 
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