Business Description

SHS provided a robust business plan to a departmental store yet to be established. The business expects to capture the interests of a regular loyal customer base mainly from the students of the university and the families on the campus. The supermarket plans to build a strong market position in the area due to the mild competitive climate in the area. It aims to offer its products at a competitive price to meet the demand of the students who fall in the middle and low-income category and a few higher-income residents.


The goal is to provide quality products and services in a cost-effective manner, enabling the business to excel in serving its customers. The objectives are:
• A clean environment in which to shop
• Provide a high level of service and support to customers whenever needed.
• Offer a wide variety of products to meet the customer’s tastes and preference
• Providing flexible payment methods to our loyal customers
• Offering an e-commerce platform for shoppers to buy online.
• Growing into a financially prosperous chain of departmental stores.


A good business model should align with the company goals and should be self-reinforcing. It is tedious to plan out the entire operation. This is where we play a role in bringing about the end-to-end service. SHS designed the entire plan for this market before they could go live, and all that the business had to do was to execute the proposal. Here are some of the many things that was researched and provided as a game plan for the supermarket to be.
SHS takes in charge of the following:
• Legal requirements such as Trade license, FSSAI, Taxation norms, permits and the compliance
• Determine the number of employees to be hired and designed their roles and responsibilities of every hired person
• Prediction of the limitations of the store, the challenges and the outcome
• Lay down a plan for the inventory management
• Design the distribution model based on the hyper localization i.e. focusing on the local demand of the customers using the location and analyzing the industry
• Preparation of the SWOT analysis report which includes the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats
• Define the time needed to travel to the store, the essential items, preferred mode of payment, special offers on occasions
• Define what the customers do not like in shopping for Groceries.
• A thorough research on the different competitors in all branch locations.
• The financial plan we establish will include the capital investment, the projected sales turnover, profit and loss account, the balance sheet.
• Provide a complete checklist the client requires, such as the software, licenses and financials to make sure you are good to go

This planning is very detailed and helps the business ease down at all aspects.

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