Strategic Advisory

Cost – 200 USD or 15000 INR. It will increase based on the work

Duration – 1 day

Output – One-hour discussion

Who gets benefited?

Ideal for the business owner or directors who are looking to get the solution to get funding, finance, business development, financial issues with the bank or investors, crisis, business automation,  investment decision, acquisitions, starting up a new business, etc where they are not sure about the direction.

How to book this and what is the process?

Book your appointment to discuss this with us. We will discuss in detail over the phone to understand financials, business, projections, and your requirements. Based on the discussion, we will gather the files or documents from you along with payment. We will do a complete analysis, verification from our end and fix a time with you to explain the strategy, ideas and suggestions. This work does not involve any report. but we will have a detailed one-hour discussion with you based on the research and analysis. To get a report on each topic, you have to avail individual services of business analysis, financial analysis, modeling, etc.

Benefits of Consultation/Strategic advisory

  • Get proper directions towards business or finance
  • Coming of issues
  • Investment decisions
  • Disinvestment decisions
  • Joint venture or growth
Scope of work
  1. We will check your past financials and understand your financial pattern
  2. We will check your business strength and weakness by doing research and comparing the market
  3. We will understand your business, financial issues
  4. We will check your investment or disinvestment ideas and come out with the proper plan
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