We’d like to offer you a chance to invest in a profit-making, well-established, traditional food business that is 100% vegetarian and has regular customers and celebrities. The company is also in the wedding catering business, which started because of the overwhelming response in restaurants. Recently, companies began adding and supplementing food products, pastes, and snakes in the same way, with this model focusing on an aggregator model.
In May 2016, the restaurant opened in Tamil Nadu as a lunch and dinner buffet. By January 2017, it had grown into a full-fledged restaurant serving traditional and healthy food. It has grown from strength to strength over the last six years. The plan now is to ensure wide visibility of the brand, increase and enrich the product line, and expand the market presence.

The promoters believe in traditional food, passed on through many generations, which is not only nutritious and sustainable but also plays an integral part in culture, identity, and heritage. The company’s mission is to offer an abundance of the earth through our products while retaining their traditional touch and reaching them to people across the globe in the most efficient way.

Food products have been updated on various websites through other online platforms like Amazon, Flip Kart, Jiomart, and Big Basket and have also signed up with retail players like Reliance Retail, Spencers, Nilgiris, Heritage etc.

The status of the company

The company has restaurants in Chennai with party halls. It is running profitably with regular customers. The regular restaurant is very unique in Grandma’s taste: pure vegetarian, high quality, and reasonably priced. Due to the recipe level and food quality, wedding catering also caters to the medium-to-high segment. It has completed a few marriage orders. The company has already started making food products, pastes, and snacks. It intends to expand the same via an aggregator model.

What is unique about this?

Traditional recipes are popular, and they create repeat customers in restaurants. which resulted in a thriving market for wedding catering and food product manufacturing
The spice mixes are made from heirloom recipes passed to us by our great grandmothers and add flavor and aroma to even the most mundane of foods. It contains no onion or garlic and is free from any preservatives, fillers, or colorings. The savories are great for all ages! They don’t use any additives, colors, or preservatives to maintain freshness. What they use are the best spices and oils in making the savories so that they’re always crisp, fresh, and impeccable.

What are they looking at?

The company is looking for equity investors at various levels, up to 5 crore Indian Rupees. It could start at Rs 25 lacs. We thought you could be the right investor and this investment could give you a regular cash flow return and the entire investment will be returned in 3 to 4 years. Subsequent years will ROI until you hold the equity. The expected annual return will be 20% or higher.