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Founded in 2004, SHS Advisory Group is primarily an Investment Banking firm with Real Estate and Investment arms. We have a long track record of trusted relationships with both our clientele and our investors with a competitive turnaround time. This has enabled SHS with a high rate of successful deal closures across 1000+ transactions. Read More

 What Makes us Special?

  • Year Of Started 


    In 2004, we started a very small firm with one desk in T Nagar - Chennai - India. Initially we concentrated only in stock placements, buy stocks, mutual fund advice etc. Then we have expanded to funding, problem handling, disinvestments, mergers, business developments etc. We have even expanded as an investor and invested in few companies. We have added qualified and experienced professionals in our group companies.

  • Geographical Reach


    From one branch, we have expanded to almost 10 locations  by creating associate partners. Today we are the top Strategic advisory company in South India having presence in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Srilanka, Delhi, Mumbai etc. We have got full of professionals to work with us.

  • Clientele Reach


    One of SHS Highlights are the clientele reach. It is not just database purchase or added by getting business cards. All the mentioned clientele reach are personally met by us. We mean to say that these many clients met us personally for their service requirements.

  • Ongoing Projects


    We are currently handling these many projects. Every project there is a assigned executive, assigned professional and assigned coordinator to run it smooth. We keep daily conversation with our clients the moment we undertake the work. We prepare detail scope, number of estimated hours, estimated date of completion and we run it as per commitment.

  • Completed Projects


    We have completed more than 1000 projects so far in all our services. Our service areas includes Mentoring, Advision, Structuring, Assisting Debt, Equity, Facilities, Sale of company, Buy business, Franchise tie up, Franchise creations, Business model creations, Startups, Management consultancy, Strategic advice, Aquisaations, partnerships, mergers, Amalgamations, listing, delisting, business developments, investments in company, stocks, mutual funds, assets, factories………

  • Current Month Intrations


    It means we met this many people in our office for their requirement based on the prior appointment. It shows the credibility of SHS in outside market.We think Financial or Business can only develop through word of mouth.

  • Our Website Visits


    Being very old financial services  we get around 50 to 100 visitors per day. All our enquires are currently based on our website views. We don't have marketing team in our office. We get enquiry from various sources and the customer verify us through our website and come to us.

  • YouTube Views


    We have huge followers through youtube and through social media. Mr Narayanan Swaminathan been appearing in Televisions for the past 12 years talks about investment, business issues, startups, funding opportunities, how to handle business or financial problems etc. All the interviews been posted in our channel to our customers to learn free. The video is in Tamil . We are creating fresh English version also soon.

  • Success Rate


    Our success is more on projects completion. It is very rare to see a company completing these many works and this much percentage of success in service areas.

SHS Financial Services (P) Ltd

The investment banking arm of the SHS Advisory group aims to be a one-stop business and financial solution for promoters across all business sectors, ranging from start-ups to listed companies.

Business Advisory

Solutions to aid clients looking to grow their business, through:

Financial Advisory

A wide range of financial services offered towards areas such as:

Strategic Advisory

Helping promoters resolve critical issues within the firm such as:





Service providers




Ideas (Text)

Ideas (Videos)




Directors & Advisors

  • R Rajaram

    (Chartered Accountant)
    An associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, is also a working partner of P P N AND COMPANY Chartered Accountants. He has professional career, spanning for 10 years and was associated with CNGSN & ASSOCIATES, Chartered Accountants, Chennai-18, and during his association he gained vast experience in areas of Audit, Taxation, Business structure re-organizing, due diligence, Corporate Audit Finalizations, Statutory audits, Consolidation of accounts, Ind-AS integration, Internal Control Systems audits, Tax audits. Has rich knowledge and extensive practical experience in the field of Business Advisory relating to Financial Planning & Controlling, Business Planning-Organizing-Restructuring, Project Feasibility studies, Project Planning, Project future estimations, Business Structuring, Fund Structuring, Valuation of Business, Shares, Goodwill and other Business Establishment Plans. He is associated with SHS Advisory Group for the past 3 years

  • P P Nagaraj

    (Chartered Accountant)
    A Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and has professional career, spanning a diligent 10 years professional life. He is the managing partner of P P N AND COMPANY Chartered Accountants. He was associated with CNGSN & ASSOCIATES, Chartered Accountants, Chennai-18. During his association he has headed multifaceted Audit engagements relating to Corporate Audit Finalizations, Statutory audits, Consolidation of accounts, Ind-AS integration, Internal Control Systems audits, Tax audits, Due Diligence Audits, under other various industries and some them are as follows: FMCG Industry, Cement Industry, Information Technology Industry, Logistics Industry, Media Industry, Automobile Industry, Chemical Industry, Engineering Industry, Agro Based Products Industry, Garment Industry, Banking Company, Chit Fund Companies, He is associated with SHS Advisory Group for the past 3 years

  • D Hitesh

    (Chartered Accountant)
    A Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and a working partner of P P N AND COMPANY, Chartered Accountants, Chennai-34. Has professional career, spanning a diligent 10 years professional life. He has wide experience in areas of Audit, Taxation, affairs relating to company laws during his association with K.Saravanan & Co., Chartered Accountants. Has specialized in Direct Tax & Indirect Tax appeals and has handled numerous assessments and made representations in appeals before various forums such as Commissioner of Appeals, Appellate Tribunal. Has wide knowledge in tax advisory, NRI – tax planning, Transfer Pricing, Treaty Study. Also has been a pioneer handling intricate Income tax Issues, in particular Capital Gains. He is associated with SHS Advisory Group for the past 3 years

  • L Praveen Kumar

    "Enrolled and practicing as an advocate in the Hon’ble High Court of Madras for the past 10 years in the original and appellate side of civil and criminal jurisdiction. Having rich expertise in drafting, pleading and credentials in representing clients before the various judicial and quasi judicial forums established by law. handling legal issues relating to property litigation, company disputes, labor unrest, testamentary issues, IPR claims, society and trust activities, maritime disputes, matrimonial problems, arbitration proceedings, commission enquiries and any other issues pertaining to application of law".

  • B Muthu Kumar

    (Company Secretary)
    Holding Master degree in Commerce(1983), Fellow of Company Secretary of ICSI(Institute of Company Secretaries of India), New Delhi.Management Accountant from ICAI(The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), Kolkata. Starting his Career as Professor of Commerce in 1986.He becomes the Finance Manager and Company Secretary of a Listed Company from 1989. Then he was head of finance, Legal and Secretarial function in Corporates in the Textiles Industry, Engineering, Automobile.He was the head of finance, Compliance, Legal, Sox compliance and company secretary in a Japanese Venture. Currently Associated with SHS Group for more than a decade

  • A Sateesh Kumar

    (Company Secretary)
    Experience: Hands of experience in Company Secretarial and Legal matters and statutory compliances and audits under the various corporate laws, compliance of listed companies including Takeover, Amalgamation, Merger, Demerger etc. Others: Faculty in Tax Laws and Company Law and handling classes for professional courses (CA, CS, CMA etc).


Founder & CEO

  • Narayanan Swaminathan

    Founder & CEO - SHS ADVISORY GROUP , Investor , Specialist in raising Capital and Debt, troubles handling
    Started career in the year 1991 with the study of BSc Maths and MBA Finance.More than 25 years experience and practically involved in all the Financial and Business Services products across ranging from PE, VC, Listing of companies, delisting, Bank funding syndications, Mergers, Acquisitions, Takeovers, International listings, International debts, Hybrid financial instruments, Fixed income distribution, Stock markets, Mutual funds, Placement of stocks, HNI portfolio management, Business developments, Transaction advisory....


Media Coverages


About SHS Advisory Group

Founded in 2004, SHS Advisory Group is primarily an Investment Banking firm with Real Estate and Investment arms. We have a long track record of trusted relationships with both our clientele and our investors with a competitive turnaround time. This has enabled SHS with a high rate of successful deal closures across 1000+ transactions. Having successfully served in this industry for more than 15years and with associate offices across 8 locations in India and abroad, we enrich our clients with innovative solutions to address even the most challenging requirements. We serve a wide range of clients, globally, including start-ups, established private and partnership firms, and listed entities. We strongly believe that transparency is the key to sustained relationships.
To provide business and financial advisory with our vast knowledge and experience, in order to help our clients to enhance their business profits.
To be the most favorable investment banking firm in the industry, who consistently provide their services to the clients.

Locate Us

  • Chennai  (Head Office)

    Silverpark Apartment, Block C, Door No.4, Ground Floor, 24, Thanikachalam Road, T.Nagar, (opposite to Hindi Prachar Sabha ), Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 017.
  • Delhi (Associate Office)

    Near Moolchand Hospital
  • Singapore (Associate Office)

    Serangoon Road
  • Malaysia (Associate Office)

    Kuala Lumpur
  • Japan (Associate Office)


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Clientele Acquisition is the most important measure that would bring new value to your business through clients. It is the process of acquiring and engaging new clients to make a business successful.

At SHS, we help companies branch out into new markets and execute the right strategy to build their clientele base by identifying the target customers, marketing their business in a way that differentiates their firm from the crowd, and connecting them to the decision makers at the targeted firms through our existing relationship with their potential customers.

When two different entities come together to form a separate entity to accomplish certain business objectives, then the new subsidiary defined as a strategic joint venture. No manner it affects the individual business of both the parties. They contribute their resources, skills, technology and share the revenues and expenses of the company.

We assist you in finding the perfect and optimal venture to join and also help both the Joint venture participant to acquire equal benefits.

Expanding your business in new markets will uplift the credibility of a company and increase the brand awareness. You should ramp-up your business when it gets mature.

We deeply examine your business and stretch into new markets where you can stand unique by implementing new strategies. The technology partners can also have an opportunity in finding their joint ventures through us.

We provide hands-on advisory services to our clients in enhancing their business revenues and sustainability. The business growth is guaranteed through our strategic planning by listening and analyzing the needs of our clients.

Our profound experience and knowledge make our clients obtain a clear path towards their successful business future. We just not advise rather go an extra mile to develop and implement the growth plans along with our clients.

One of the key areas where SHS makes a difference is in understanding the optimal mode of funding that the client requires, and advising on the same.
We work with clients on ticket sizes of USD 0.5mn and above across all sectors. Our process involves:
  • Due-Diligence
  • Financial Advisory 
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Issues Resolution
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Investor short-list
  • Pitching
  • Negotiation
  • Terms agreement
We have a huge investor base with whom we have established a strong relationship over more than 20years. Our investor network comprises of HNIs, Strategic firms across sectors, Venture capital firms and Private Equity firms. We connect our clients to the investor base that would be most compatible based on factors such as ticket size and promoter preference.
Based on the company’s existing capital structure and the potential of the firm for debt intake, SHS helps clients in raising debt by providing creative solutions for balance sheet structuring and positioning of the proposal for various modes of raising funds such as:
  • Term Loan
  • Working capital
  • Packing credits
  • Letter of Credits
  • Factoring
  • Reverse Factoring
  • Discounting

IPO "Initial Public Offering" helps the company to raise money for its betterment and growth. We assist our clients to list the shares of the company and assure to accompany till the fund rises.

SHS offers exchange listing services for both Indian and foreign companies. We do exchange listing through SME IPO and Mainline IPO.

Our services help you in financial restructuring and the ability to overcome debts. We identify the reasons for your financial trouble and recoup you from the distressed asset by providing a holistic guidance.

SHS Advisory Group is one of the top financial consultants in Chennai, who implement new techniques and strategies to overcome the financial crisis.

SHS is renowned for its advisory credentialism in M&A strategy. We bring the entities together with regard to Mergers and Acquisition. A merger is a process of combining two different entities into a single entity to achieve synergy. We research and understand the companies' financial and assimilating management's objectives before suggesting a suitable partner. Based on the requirements of your company, effective options for the long-term economic growth will be provided.

Acquisition arises when a company owns another company and ties into its process. We assist you in acquiring an ideal company according to your requirements and also a perfect company to be acquired.

The amount of money which flows in and out of your business is known as cash flow. The lifeblood of your business is Cash Inflow, comes from various sources such as payment from your customers, interest on investments or savings and so on. When we develop a positive cash flow it helps to make many new investments.

We analyze and monitor the cash flow of your business. Our assistance will help to improve the cash flow and make your business stand out of the box through structured financial plans and new investments.

Solvency is a company's ability to meet up with its long-term financial obligations. Insolvent companies may trouble with bankruptcy often. To remain solvent, the asset of the company must be higher than the debt of the company.

We assist and guide our clients to remain solvent and stable in financial management. We figure out the suitable solutions to attain business beneficiary and become successful without any financial crisis.

The company debt will come under Non-performing assert (NPA) when the loan payment had not done for a period of 3 months. NPA may turn as a huge trouble for your business and pull down the value of your business.

We bring strategic solutions on time for your troubled business. If the loan was declared as a non-performing asset (NPA) by the bank, we offer guaranteed solutions when your company faces loan issues, help in restructuring the asset of your company and also guide companies which drown in large debts.

Some redirection of funds in your business leads to erosion of margin. The company loses its profits when the expenses are higher than the needs. Some unplanned investments and expenses may deplete the profit of your company.

We provide a perfect financial management solution for a profitable business and assist you in all the investment plans and save from the erosion of profit margin. Our strategic solutions by analyzing your business will make your company shine in a successful path.