Financial Deals

Financial analysis, formulation of a financial model, valuation, Preparation of IM and identification of an equity investor for a Luxury Premium Car Reseller in Tamil Nadu - 300 Mn INR

Feasibility Report and writing a business plan to start a different channel for an existing channel based out of Tamil Nadu the customer asked us to prepare 125 crores worth of project report with proper feasibility and business plan.

Business consulting, franchise model development, franchise marketing, due diligence, financial model preparation, valuation, information memorandum preparation, and investor identification for a Tamil Nadu-based 120-year-old Ayurvedic Pharma, wellness, and therapeutic company-70 Mn INR
Strategy, financial modelling and valuation, information memorandum, Elevator pitch, future projections, and a business plan with market feasibility for a Tamil Nadu-based diamond jewellery company that specialises in ethnic and fascinating designs of diamond bangles, rings, necklace sets, earrings, and other ornamental designs.
Strategy, financial modelling, valuation, Information memorandum, elevator pitch, future projections, a business plan with market feasibility for a traditional Tamil Nadu-based restaurant, marriage catering, and ready-to-eat/cook business.

Strategy, acquiation opportunities, preparation of financial model, presentations and equping the company to go for INR 200 equity through an IPO or PE for a 40 year old, asset-backed, no debt, profit-making hospital in Tamil Nadu

Hubermarket – Looking For Partners

Digital platform
Invest in the Digital Infrastructure Platform that gives an annual return of 20%
A highly reputed,30 years old company, profitable, clean chit, Autocompoents sub-assembly available for full sale
Traditional recipe, pure vegetarian which runs a restaurant, marriage catering, aggregator home-based food products looking for growth equity.

Investment Deal for a Listed (top 10) Indian Automobile Company. Target company Deal negotiation, agreement coordination, terms, capital structure, Equity, fund infusion, onboarding of directors, SOP's for the business, and a smooth start-up of the business.
Existing Business Acquisition for an Indian Automobile Listed Company. Due diligence, Negotiation on terms, agreement coordination, payouts, regulatory updates, regulatory payments, SOP’s and smooth running of business.
The Chennai-based e-commerce platform in the hyper-local market, which connects a lot of different services on one platform, wants to raise INR 150 crores.
A profitable, well-established elevator industry erection and maintenance company based in Singapore is available for full sale for 4 million SGD
The Chennai-based IOT-based IT enabled solutions provider wants to raise 25 crore INR for an application to manage prayers for Muslims.

Industrial Automation and Control, located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. with rich legacy of 2+ decades seeking to raise equity funding.
The Chennai-based automobile services and aggregator model, which has three branches, is seeking Rs 20 crore in equity from the market.
A profit-making industrial micro oven company based in Karnataka that is diversifying into 3D printing technology is looking to raise 20 crores INR.
An LED manufacturing company based out of Gujarat is looking to raise Rs INR 30 crore from equity investors for their expansion.

A company in the state of Andhra Pradesh that makes Slage fodder wants to raise money from investors to the tune of Rs 30 crore INI.

Al and accelerated bycle and related products manufacturing and technology company based in India are looking for equity investors to raise Rs 50 crore INR.
Hybermarket, based out of Malabar, Kerala, is looking to raise equity investors from HNI to the tune of Rs 25 crore for the expansion of its business.
Preparation of a Financial Model, a Valuation, pitch book preparation and identification of an equity investor (2 Mn INR) for the Manufacturing of a Protein-Rich Snack in Maharashtra.

Marketing Deals

Product : Commercial Kitchen’s equipment manufacturing, Stainless Steel fabrication work, Kitchen designing and manufacturing of Touch-FREE Hand Wash Sinks.

15-year-old company that manufactures touchless handwash machines which are used in hospitals, industrial houses and food processing industries. The company also manufactures industrial kitchen, pastry boxes that use stainless steel products. It's areas of expertise are: Commerical Kitchens, Stainless Steel Fabrications, Kitchen Designing and Sinks. Some of Fabrinox Potnis's clients include Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks Coffee, Reliance Industries Ltd, Bank of America and many more MNC's and Educational Institutions.

Product : Dynamic Lighting, a sector where Creativity, Innovation and Excellence in quality play pivotal roles. High brightness Dynamic Lighting enables the creation of superior visual impact in both outdoor as well as indoor applications.

  • GPRS Synchronous Control System Dynamic Façade Lighting
  • Dynamic Façade Lighting for Stadium Projects
  • Window Seal Lighting
  • Artificial Monument Lighting
  • Innovative Lighting Concepts for Shopping Malls
  • 3D Projection Mapping
  • Gobo Projection, Moving Head Search Lights, Laser Lighting
  • Street Motif Lighting
  • Ferris Wheel / Amusement Park Lighting
  • LED Screens
  • Glow Garden with Interactive Lighting
  • Water Screen Projection
  • water Show with Light & Sound. Artificial Fog System with RGB Lighting. Bridge Lighting. Direct View Dynamic Pixel Façade Lighting. In-direct View Dynamic Pixel Façade Lighting