Financial Deals

The Chennai-based e-commerce platform in the hyper-local market, which connects a lot of different services on one platform, wants to raise INR 150 crores.
A profitable, well-established elevator industry erection and maintenance company based in Singapore is available for full sale for 4 million SGD
The Chennai-based IOT-based IT enabled solutions provider wants to raise 25 crore INR for an application to manage prayers for Muslims.

Industrial Automation and Control, located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. with rich legacy of 2+ decades seeking to raise equity funding.
The Chennai-based automobile services and aggregator model, which has three branches, is seeking Rs 20 crore in equity from the market.
A profit-making industrial micro oven company based in Karnataka that is diversifying into 3D printing technology is looking to raise 20 crores INR.
An LED manufacturing company based out of Gujarat is looking to raise Rs INR 30 crore from equity investors for their expansion.

A company in the state of Andhra Pradesh that makes Slage fodder wants to raise money from investors to the tune of Rs 30 crore INI.

Al and accelerated bycle and related products manufacturing and technology company based in India are looking for equity investors to raise Rs 50 crore INR.
Hybermarket, based out of Malabar, Kerala, is looking to raise equity investors from HNI to the tune of Rs 25 crore for the expansion of its business.
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