The following are the current projects assigned to us by our clients: equity, debt, M&A, property-related work, liasoning, dispute resolution, investment advisory, etc.
An e-commerce platform in the hyper-local market bridging multiple services in a common platform is looking for an Equity Investor
A Hospital that is 45 years old based in Tamilnadu with no debt and a turnover of Rs. 50 crore is looking to raise 200 crores.
Identification of buyers for a Singapore company which deals with elevator industry- 3.67M SGD

Strategy, Preparation of financial statement analysis, valuation, Information memorandum, future projections, identification of investors, Marketing their products for a Maharashtra company that manufactures kitchen appliances, stainless steel fabrication, and sensor handwash stations- 150 million INR
Feasibility check, business plan, due diligence and valuation to acquire an existing 65 crore valued logistics company outside of Tamil Nadu for a businessman in Chennai.
Feasibility Report and writing a business plan to start a different channel for an existing channel based out of Tamil Nadu the customer asked us to prepare 125 crores worth of project report with proper feasibility and business plan.
Strategy, assisting in the creation of a video promotion, site layout, villa plan, marketing materials, pricing verification, and market assessment for a resort owner promoting a real estate plot/villa promotion in a hill station—50 Mn INR
Missed approvals were identified and made in order for a Tamil Nadu-based Surgeon for his previously purchased and registered property worth (20 Mn INR) documents such as patta, panchayat approval, updating name in EC, and property tax payments
For an NRI buyer and an Indian professional, coordination of property registration (10 Mn INR) for a buyer and seller, assisting in avoiding time and trip waste by organizing POA, paperwork in order, site inspection, title approval, and post registration of name transfer, patta, etc.
Feasibility report and market research to start a 3 star hotel project in Tamil Nadu -350 Mn INR
Preparation of Financial Statement Analysis, Valuation, Information Memorandum, Future projections and Identification of buyers for a Singapore company which deals with elevator industry- 3.67M SGD
Preparation of a Financial Model, a Valuation, pitch book preparation and identification of an equity investor (2 Mn INR) for the Manufacturing of a Protein-Rich Snack in Maharashtra.
Financial analysis, formulation of a financial model, valuation, Preparation of IM and identification of an equity investor for a Luxury Premium Car Reseller in Tamil Nadu - 300 Mn INR

Strategy, business plan, feasibility report, market analysis to start a supermarket chain in Tamil Nadu- 200 Mn INR

Business consulting, franchise model development, franchise marketing, due diligence, financial model preparation, valuation, information memorandum preparation, and investor identification for a Tamil Nadu-based 120-year-old Ayurvedic Pharma, wellness, and therapeutic company-70 Mn INR
Strategy, Due diligence, financial statement analysis, creation of three distinct types of proposals - full sale, partial sale, and franchise development - and identification of investors, buyers, and franchise owners for a 30-year-old sanitary and bathroom fittings company situated in Karnataka. - 600 Mn INR
Strategy, financial model preparation, valuation, information memorandum, business tie-ups, and investor identification for a 27-year-old printing and packaging company based in Telengana- 300 Mn INR

Strategy, valuation, information memorandum, and buyer identification for a 15-year-old water management EPC and contracting company headquartered in Tamil Nadu - 170 million INR

Strategy, preparation of financial model, valuation, information memorandum, business tie-ups and investor identification for a Karnataka based 30 year old construction/contracting company-70 Mn INR
Green Villas - Hill station Kodaikanal - Looking for Investors

The first time IoT based IT enabled solutions provider application to manage prayer for Muslims looking for an investor

Industrial Automation and Control, located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. with rich legacy of 2+ decades seeking to raise equity funding.
Automobile Services aggregator model - Looking for Equity Investors

3D Printing and Industrial Micro oven - Looking for Equity Investors

Feasibility Study for a software company to enable SME IPO
LED Manufacturing Company – Looking For Investors

Kings Property – Looking For Joint venture

AI Bycle and Related products - Looking for Equity Investors

Silage fodder manufacturing company - Looking for Equity Investors
Hubermarket – Looking For Partners